Friday, December 18, 2009

Who Says Monsters Aren't Real?

Who says monsters aren't real? If you ask any of the young readers who have read Sam Enthoven's books, they will say that they are very much real! He does a wonderful job with sparking the imagination of ages from ten to fifteen years olds world wide. Enthoven lives in London, England, and he writes fantastical action thrillers that are so inspiring to young readers everywhere! When I came across his work, I just knew I had to spread the word about this fantastic writer.

This young guy wraps it up completely on Enthoven's one book, TIM, DEFENDER OF THE EARTH, by saying: "If you don’t like books with action-packed chapters with big scary monsters wrecking national monuments and giant cockroaches killing people, you will not like this book. I loved it."

You can learn much more about Sam's books in addition to his latest masterpiece Crawlers that will be released this coming April of 2010 on his website:

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